is a furniture designer and maker based in Oakland, California.


Designed + made in collaboration with Sahra Jajarmikhayat

Product, 2024

Hidden Earth is a glass side table about the interaction between heat and ice. It probes at the moment when a solid, sharp mass softens and changes states in meeting with molten matter. The artist edition of Hidden Earth was created in alliance with the chosen material, glass. The reaction from the material continuously fed into the original thought, offering more information from which to build upon during the production process.

Our built world regurgitates a history on how humans have interpreted raw material as useful, translated them to scale, and applied them to our sensory needs. In Hidden Earth, we continue to elaborate on that history, and to chop and screw those structures that now contain so much meaning and memory. By condensing the moment when elements from the inner earth collide, erode, bubble up to the surface, and crystallize into shape, we discover a new history.

Photographs show the unique Artist Edition.