is a furniture designer and maker based in Oakland, California.


Product, 2023 

A seat for three, Milk Bench consists of two reflective, irregular stainless steel pillars, with a subtle gap like an architectural breezeway. The aluminum bench top features a beautiful cloudy wax finish.

Draped over the bench is an off-white blanket, casted from pure natural latex. The outline of the blanket recalls the slab of a milled tree, its edge moving around sections of smaller branches, like an imprinted memory of its living state.

Milk Bench incites a place for contemplation, pause and connection at home. The name hints at one of the earliest documented furniture-types, the milk stool, while also bridging the vital liquid contained in trees to that in mammals.

*The first edition of Milk Bench features a one-of-a-kind latex blanket, made especially for Milan Design Week 2023. Subsequent editions come with an upholstered cushion.

Spec Sheet