is a furniture designer and maker based in Oakland, California.


Product (limited), 2023 

Radiator is a domestic apparatus intended to live along a wall, floor, or corner. When a hand passes over the sensor on the top, red-amber atmospheric light permeates the room, personifying a radiator emitting heat.

It is a similar sensory effect as an actual radiator, due to the psychological impression of the color and the familiar form of this common household staple.

The light reflects and muddles with the foggy finish on the aluminum structure, providing a warmth to a usually cold-feeling material.

Radiator calls attention to the forgotten folds of an interior space, where the wall meets the floor. Designing for this specific site was inspired both by a personal search for wall-hugging lighting, and by Martino Gamper's probing of corners in the early 2000s.

Spec Sheet